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Satellite & Cellular internet connections: If this is the only connection you have access to please note that you may experience sporadic issues while working in your online courses. If you report these problems to the helpdesk we will attempt to address them with your Satellite or Cellular connection provider

Wireless Routers/Connections: While working in your online courses via a wireless router or wireless connection you may experience problems such as various error messages. If you contact the online Helpdesk please be aware that part of the troubleshooting process may be to have you bypass your wireless router or connection. If bypassing the wireless router resolves the problems you are experiencing you will either need to continue to bypass the router or contact the router's manufacturer's support to further diagnose the source of this problem.

Feature Requirements

These commonly used plugins may be required depending on the course or program. You will be able to access your course without them; however, you may not be able to access the specific feature.

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